Marlene’s Information and Writings from University Studies

Marlene Mendoza is Executive Producer, Producer, Business Consultant to large or small corporations. We will present your project or company worldwide.

Notice: All writings on this blog are the writings and property of Marlene Mendoza.

Marlene Mendoza is CRO and Executive Producer with Gilt Entertainment
Sales and Marketing Management – Bachelors of Science
Marketing Management – in process MBA  or law school – Spring – 2010

My other personal blog plus down the list you’ll see my resume is at:

She has worked with aerospace for 10 years, finance 10 years, sales and marketing included over 25 years. She is hired as Chief Relationship Officer on sub-contract to help you with your sales goals to bring in profits. The bottom line profits!!! And taking care of your customers. She is Executive Producer on two film projects presently in development and pre-production.

Included here are some writings that may interest those in business. Writings are from various studies in Business university that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. From time-to-time it doesn’t hurt to have some reminders in business.

Additional information:

This is Marlene’s blog where I will put writings from research and studies, plus business experience. My favorite information about my favorite people in the world. I have setup several networking sites that may interest you. I am Creator and Administrator of the below ning sites.

This one is by invitation only that I have designed for Your Imperial Highness Princess Liala of Egypt

Membership is by approval only once you join, for protection of our members:

My business site:
On twitter:

Join our Gilt Entertainment Fan Club:


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